Financial and Operational Consulting

With over 50 years of combined experience our team has what it takes to guide you through these common Financial and Operational needs. 

Financial Management and Industry Standards Metrics

Business and industry metrics analysis
Financial practices development, policies and procedures
Return on investment analysis

Cash Flow System

Monthly cash flow management process design
Cash flow forecasting and modeling
Review and development of internal cash flow controls
Cash flow mentoring and practical implementations

Financial Statement Modeling

Profit and loss modeling
Financial and capital budgeting
Sales forecasting
Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow from Operations forecast modeling
“What if?” scenario modeling
“Common size” statement analysis
Historical trend analysis

Inventory Management

Production controls
Purchasing system process review and integration
ABC analysis
Inventory planning and management
Inventory reserve analysis with policies and procedures development

Accounts Receivable Management

Customer base and concentration management
Collections process improvement techniques
Bad debt and reserve analysis with policies and procedures development

Loan, Funding Review and Development

Funding requirements for ongoing business operations
Asset-based lender sourcing

Asset Protection Analysis

Internal control review and processes
Insurance policy review

Pricing, Discounts and Margin Analysis

Gross margin analysis by product line and channel
Product profitability analysis
Channel, discounts and return management

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