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How Quickly Can You Deleverage the Business

The economy is in flux, interest rates have increased over the past year and lenders are starting to be less flexible on their loan covenants.  Business executives need to be completely aware of their business’s financial condition, especially how leveraged the balance sheet is and loan covenants that relate to the debt on the balance…
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A Publisher’s Cash Management Plan – Part 5 – Risk Management

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA & Howard W. Fisher This is the final installment of the Publisher’s Cash Management Plan series that began in October 2002 with “Managing Your Cash Flow” and continued in succeeding months with “Managing Your Accounts Receivable,” “Bridging the Cash Gap with Asset-Based Lending,” and “Managing Your Inventory.” Publishers, like…
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Cash is King of the Balance Sheet

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA and Howard W. Fisher Every business owner or manager knows that to pay the bills, make payroll, or buy capital equipment, the company needs cash. The issue for business owners and managers is to manage the cash resource applications in mind and especially during cash flow shortfalls. Why Cash…
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