Month: June 2019

Five Concepts for Managing and Compensating Salespeople

Salespeople are important to a business’s growth and success, but it is even more important for a business to manage, measure and compensate salespeople’s performance. First – the best way to compensate salespeople is on gross margin.  Salespeople that are incented on gross margin sell the business’s products for the best price and at the…
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Chart of Student Loans Owned, Securitized and Outstanding

The following chart shows the growth in student loans between January 2006 to October 2018 in billions of dollars.  In January 2006 there was 480.97 billion dollars and in October 2018 there was 1,569.35 billion dollars of student loans owned, securitized and outstanding.  This is a 1,088.38 billion dollar or just over a trillion dollar…
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