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Five Options for Utilizing Free Cash Flow

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA Envision free cash flow for a business, to the tune of $25 million. The question is: What’s management’s wisest use of that extra cash? There are numerous ways for a business to use additional working capital, and here are five major options every business should consider. 1. Shore Up…
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Are Spreadsheets Running Your Business?

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA Businesses need spreadsheets and make widespread use of them. Spreadsheets increase the ease and convenience of analyzing operating information, employee data, forecasts of financial results, or just about any other type of business data. They are an incomparable tool for analyzing numeric and alphabetical data. Some companies, however, overuse…
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Eight Essential Elements of an Exit Strategy for Business Owners

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA and Stephen E. Koons, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA All business owners will need to transition their businesses to new owners at some point in time. The new owners could be business partners or family members, and transactions range from management buy-outs to outright sales of the businesses on the open market.…
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