What’s Right, What’s Easy and What’s Wrong

What’s Right, What’s Easy and What’s Wrong

Business leaders should think about making business decisions by considering what is the right decision, what is the easy decision and what is the wrong decision.  All business leaders get to choose between this decision matrix.

What Is the Right Decision?  The right decisions are the toughest decisions that are made by a business leader.  Though, business leaders often pass on making the right decision in favor of the other two decision alternatives, because the right decision is hard to make, implement and may disrupt the status quo of the business.  Making the right decisions can have an effect on daily, weekly, monthly and annual business activities.  When leaders make the right decision, the business will be affected positively and change the business’s culture at all levels of the organization empowering all to make the right decision, even when it is hard.  “Do the Right Thing” should become the mantra of the business.

What Is the Easy Decision?  Most often the easy decision is to do nothing at all and just let the inertia of the issue or business environment move forward with no decision.  This decision process allows decisions to be postponed until they become critical, while fostering a business environment of apathy allowing the status quo to be normalized (i.e. just do your job with no initiative to change things for the better).  The easy decisions have and will cause the business’s leaderships and the organization to become stagnate and to continue forward by just inertia.  The concept of “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” will become the standard operating methodology, until the decisions that should have been made long before now have to be made, often too late for the business to continue as a going concern.  The easy decisions may have caused the business to miss out on opportunities that would have propelled the business in a new and profitable direction, but leadership took the easy decision over the right decision.

What Is the Wrong Decision?  Though one could assume that no business leader would make wrong decisions for their business, this can be an inaccurate assessment.  Often the wrong decisions are made over and over again, because a business leader fails to admit that they made bad decisions early and willfully continue to make additional wrong decisions to coverup their mistakes.  Often a business leader is unable to admit their decisions have been wrong, and in the worst-case scenario it can lead to a business leader committing fraud to cover up their wrong decisions.  In other cases, the business leader’s wrong decisions are because they are incompetent and refuse to accept concepts and theories that are outside of their understanding of the situation, beliefs or abilities to accept that other people may be right.

A good business leader that makes a wrong decision due to a miscalculation and works to correct their wrong decision is making the right decision.  Again, the right decision is hard to make, but it’s the right one.

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