The “Feckless Business”

The “Feckless Business”

The “Feckless Business” is a business that is managed irresponsibly and lacks initiative.  Or another way of putting it, a business that has no budget or strategic plan and just exists day to day with ownership and management dealing with problems of their own making.


It is easy being a “Feckless Business” with no plan or goals to achieve, because there is nothing that the business or management can be judged against.  In a “Feckless Business” who cares about achieving goals, sticking to deadlines and commitments – the answer is no one, because the business lacks initiative and strength of character at all levels of ownership and management.  In the end “Feckless Business’s” fail their customers, their employees and often go out of business!


There is a cure for the “Feckless Business”, but it requires changing the business culture.  A well-run business has a plan (strategic, annual budget, project plan) coupled with the discipline and determination of the employees, management and ownership to achieve the ideals of these plans.


The opposite of a “Feckless Business” is a productive, profitable and successful business that has a strategic plan, holds management and employees responsible for reaching the business’s goals and objectives, while using timely metrics to keep the business on track.  An effective business has ownership and management that has character, has employees that want to come to work, because the employees know that they are playing a part is in the business’s overall success.


What type of business are you responsible for running?


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