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The “Feckless Business”

The “Feckless Business” is a business that is managed irresponsibly and lacks initiative.  Or another way of putting it, a business that has no budget or strategic plan and just exists day to day with ownership and management dealing with problems of their own making.   It is easy being a “Feckless Business” with no…
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Willful Blindness

“Willful Blindness” in a business is the conscious act of avoiding the truth, which gives credence to the knowledge of an issue in question, but never resolving the issue. Willful blindness can be at any level of management or on any type of business issue that needs to be addressed and resolved. A business’s willful…
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What Is The Path Forward Into 2021?

What is the path forward into 2021? A strategic plan will make the journey into 2021 easier.

Chart of Housing Starts and 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate from July 1974 to July 2020

Monetary policy affects interest rates, which affect mortgages, which affect decisions in the housing market. The red line in the graph is the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (right axis) from July 1974 to July 2020. The blue line in the graph is the ratio of housing starts built by contractors over housing starts built by…
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Chart of Federal Reserve Total Assets Held from December 18, 2002 to September 2, 2020

The total assets held by the Federal Reserve include Treasury securities, Mortgage Backed Securities, and Repurchase agreements, in addition to other assets. As of September 2, 2020, the Federal Reserve had total assets of $7,017,492 (in millions of dollars) and as of September 4, 2019, the Federal Reserve had total assets of $3,761,508 (in millions…
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Eight Essential Elements of an Exit Strategy for Business Owners

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA and Stephen E. Koons, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA All business owners will need to transition their businesses to new owners at some point in time. The new owners could be business partners or family members, and transactions range from management buy-outs to outright sales of the businesses on the open market.…
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Planning to Sell vs. Needing to Sell

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA & Howard W. Fisher Three elements affect an owner’s ability to make an advantageous sale of a company: Time – How long can the owner take to prepare the company for sale and complete the sales transaction? Pressure – What kind of pressure is the owner under to complete…
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Preparing the Company for Sale: What Buyers Want to See

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA & Howard Fisher Potential buyers for a company generally look hard at certain aspects of it, and vanish if they do not like what they find.  Fortunately, the same practices that will help you run the business more efficiently and effectively on a daily basis will also help you…
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Determining Value for a Company

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA & Howard Fisher Many business owners believe their companies have unique characteristics, which buyers will value highly, regardless of revenue volume and profitability.  Based on this notion these owners also believe that conventional valuation approaches and methods are not applicable for their companies.  While it is true that each…
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What Creates Value in Your Company?

By Daniel R. Siburg, CPA, CVA and Howard W. Fisher Long before you are ready to think about selling your company, you may want to think about what creates value in it.  The following are key factors in creating value. Seller’s Reputation Your business is known for its character and reputation in the industry.  Your…
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