Timing When to Sell a Business

Timing When to Sell a Business

Timing is important, but how often does someone actually get the timing just right?

Wait and the timing will be better.  Do it now because the timing is right.  Wait too long and the timing is wrong.  Sometimes people just make the decision to sell and the stars align.  The business is ready to sell, the market is strong and the right buyer comes along.  Is the business “just lucky” or did the business have a strategic plan?

Are thinking about selling your business, but questioning if now the right time?  Once the thought of selling has entered your mind it’s hard to get the thought of selling out of your mind.  Now is the time to prepare and sell your business.  If you wait to sell your business because the timing might be better in six months what happens if the business or economy hits a rough spot in three months?  The fact of the matter is if you have a well-run business the right time to sell is now, as buyers are always looking for a well-run business, no matter what the business environment.  Historical performance is what sells a business, coupled with positive business trends.  Remember, a business’s historical performance will never change.

When you try to play the timing game what you are saying is you want to play the odds and see “what if” things get better.  Business owners may want to hold off on selling their business, but you still need to get the business ready for sale, which takes time and effort to prepare.  With this one factor ready, you can take advantage of the time when it presents itself.

No one knows with 100% certainty what is going to happen in the future, so start implementing the process to sell the business today and avoid getting caught up in the “timing”.  Otherwise, you are counting on being getting lucky.

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